Friday, 3 April 2009

Passing Time With Achievements

With time dragging between raids on my main, I’ve been working on a couple of achievements on Dingle.  For all the uselessness of achievements (which is to say, the only thing you get for completing an achievement is a completed achievement), they do provide a very convenient series of goals one can complete.

Ding, Master of Arms

First was completing Ambassador of the Alliance by completing the rep grind with Exodar and Gnomeregan Exiles.  I’ve found that the easiest way in which to do this is simply by going back and completing all the starting zone quests; in this case, I went back and completed the Exodar ones, and dinged exalted with both factions before the zone was cleared.  (It helps that any reputation gain with a single alliance faction also gives an additional 25% of the reputation gained to all of the four other factions – for example, 1000 Exodar reputation gained awards an extra 250 reputation with Stormwind, Ironforge, Darnassus and Gnomeregan Exiles)

I also completed Did Somebody Order a Knuckle Sandwich? and Master of Arms by grinding the captive and exhausted vrykul (and farming more Relics of Ulduar for whichever alt on whom I’m next going to be grinding towards exalted with Sons of Hodir).  I have to admit, it took surprisingly longer than the same grind did on Mingle – caster melee is so much lower in damage that grinding on lower level mobs is much more effective.  With Mingle, I was able combine weapon skill leveling along with reputation grinding, and leveled her Mace, Dagger and Unarmed skills to 400 while (once again) completing the Exodar starting zone quests.

With the much higher melee dps that Dingle was putting out, I was doing so much damage (despite using very low level, low damage weapons, which is a big help when leveling weapon skills) that the low level mobs just died too fast.  When I took her back to Stormpeaks, the Vrykul mobs had enough health that I was getting more than one hit per mob, which made the process more useful.  (Just pay attention to the durability of your weapons, and don’t end up grinding uselessly for an hour before you notice that your weapon was red.  Much like my face, upon realising how much time I’d wasted with that oversight.)

I also came across another useful blog recently, this time about UIs and addons.  You’d be well advised to check out No Stock UI.  It’s where I was told about Multishot, which is responsible for the shiny achievement image linked in this post.  I suspect I’m going to be drowning in screenshots in future, but I’ll just have to grin and bear it.

Well, time to publish this post, and get onto today’s dailies.