Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Shifting The Goalposts

As I’ve previously mentioned, I’ve been dissatisfied with raiding lately (especially 25-man), and this week I decided that it was time to make some changes.

Hi Ho!  Hi Ho!  It's off to fish I go!

I really enjoy WoW, both the game itself and the social side of it with my guild, and the thought of becoming so disenchanted with raiding (and the pressures that are surfacing with the hard-mode bosses in Ulduar) that it taints the game as a whole is something I want to avoid.

Of course, the tricky bit about making changes is working out what changes are to be made.  My idea currently is to cut down a lot on 25-man raids (with the exception of coming in if there’s a shortage of dispellers or ranged dps in-guild), and maybe do some 10-man raiding if I can get an invite.

This means Mingle will be getting demoted (probably to casual raider or possibly just to member), which also means less loot (as full raiders get priority, and casuals aren’t eligible for tier loot) but as I’ve been passing on everything lately that’s not a concern.  But it gives me the chance to change my main

Any what will I be doing instead?  Well, I’m considering my options.  I’ve spent a bit of time playing Kringle and Pringle lately (and took Pringle into Naxx-10 with quite a bit of success – she came out with 7 epics, but sadly no tier items), and there’s always my anorexic horde hunter and lonely night elf druid (the latter is tempting, considering the new druid bear and cat models coming in the next major content patch, which means probably in 3.2).

There’s also a few other interesting games that have been underappreciated due to the time I’ve spent in WoW, such as Fallout 3 (which has had three new content patches of it’s own since I played it, the last of which is supposed to fix the rather abrupt end of the original game) and Mass Effect (which was fun to play through originally, and is proving fun to play through again).

So I’ll continue posting here, although not quite as much as I was when I was so enthusiastic when I started.  And I intend to continue playing WoW, and hopefully write posts consisting of more than lists of upgraded loot that my characters have managed to accumulate.

Speaking of writing, this post from World of Matticus is well worth reading if you’re a blogger:  The Purple Kodo: 13 Points of Blogging

Anyway, I’m still fishing.  For all that some things change, some things are still the same.