Monday, 4 May 2009

Sometimes Less Is Enough

I went to start doing my Tournament dailies yesterday, and I realised they’d crossed that invisible line from “just another daily” to “sheesh, is it finished yet?”  Time to cut down, I think.  One character’s round of tournament dailies per day, or something like that.  (I currently have three champions, so you can imagine how much time I could put into it if I was of a mind to)

Typical; you finally get loot done and gather up for the screenshot, and the chest despawns.

The two tournament pets I listed on the neutral AH failed to sell, so I reduced the price a little, and put them on the Alliance AH instead for 4000g each.  They sold that night.  Can you say Ka-ching!?

Dingle’s chopper is getting closer to fruition – I’m just girding my loins before transferring painfully large amounts of gold to her, in order to buy the remaining mats she needs to make it.

25-man progression is slow but steady – Thorim threw his hands up in despair and gave us his loot last night.  10-man progression is…  Well, I’m sure it’ll start for the second group any day now.  (It’s getting quite frustrating – we almost had enough people this week, just had some scheduling hiccups and a shortage of healers who weren’t saved to the first group’s run)

Fortunately my week has Star Trek to look forward to; it might alleviate my disappointment over the PvP Children’s Week achievement that I’m refusing to do.

Also stumbled across this thought-provoking item: Players > skill > gear?

Not in a hurry to log on today, so it’s time to watch a movie before logging on to start some dailies.