Thursday, 18 June 2009

Making Friends And Irritating People

My Inscription business is beginning to come together – I made a tad over 900g in sales yesterday, and as I type this I’m in the middle of clearing my auctions in preparation for re-stocking and re-listing.

This has nothing to do with glyphs, it's just pretty.  Well, I like it anyway.

Opening balance: 62g88s.
Closing balance: 540g31s
Total sales: 477g36s  (yay!)

I’ve re-thought my stock levels and will probably settle at around 15, which will allow a little leeway to pick up any very-underpriced glyphs people may list.  I’ve stocked up on the first six classes, but ran low on inks yesterday so the last four (Rogue, Shaman, Warrior, Warlock) will need a bit of extra restocking today.

I also had my first in-game feedback on my endeavours, a mail from someone who called me an impolite name and told me I’d make more money farming than from destroying the very profitable glyph market.  I’m not used to being the recipient of such…  irritation…  But I’m making a profit without the need to fly around in circles for hours, so I’m not in any rush to let him have his market share back.  (In hindsight, it’s a pity I deleted the letter, as it would have made an interesting image to accompany this post) 

In non-inscription news, I’ve been following the exploits of (and helping out) a friend of a guildmate who’s rejoining the game after giving it up a while back (and giving away his account at the time) who is currently leveling a new priest with the assistance of his friend and Recruit A Friend.  Last night he was level 47, which is pretty good for under a week of play.  (He wants to be raid-ready before Icecrown, which should give him quite a bit of leeway to reach 80 and get geared up)

I helped out with a bunch of runs through Stockades and a clear of all the Scarlet Monastery wings on my warrior – Stockades was actually quite entertaining (not to mention very easy to drag people through), and we ran into the 5-instances-per-hour limit twice.  SM was more tedious though, probably thanks to it being near 3am at the time.  (That’s the biggest downside of being 2 hours ahead of the majority of my guildmates, especially when they want to do things after raid)

Raiding is…  Well, it’s Raiding.  We’re working on Yogg this week in 25-man, and with luck (and attendance) we’ll have a 10-man Naxx run on the weekend that I’ll be tanking (which might extend into Ulduar10 if we get through Naxx quickly enough).

Now, though?  I have a spreadsheet to put together – I want to keep an eye on what I’m selling with a little more accuracy, as my book-keeping so far is pretty shoddy.