Monday, 29 June 2009

The Moderately More Human Edition

The best thing about the flu?  Ideally it’s not to catch it.  Failing that, it’s the part when you start feeling like yourself again.  I’m not quite at the latter stage, but at least I’m no longer feeling like I have a murloc in my throat.

Hey buddy, wanna buy a glyph?

I’ve finally got some numbers together from my glyph business, and it makes for quite satisfying reading.

For the seven days from 21st June – 28th June:
Total glyphs sold: 622
Average price per glyph: 9.74g
Average sales per day: 865.86g
Total income from the AH: 6061g

Most of my profits over that period have gone back into books of glyph mastery in order to learn those glyphs and Mingle now knows all 57 new glyphs, which just leaves the other glyphs to be learnt from Minor and Northrend Inscription Research.  (I also misjudged the number of books Mingle needed, and now have 9 surplus that I’ll re-list when the price goes back up – I picked them up for 50g-60g each, and prices last week peaked at 100g, so I should be able to make my money back on them pretty safely)

As Bingle is struggling to manage the glyphs she currently holds, I’m going to limit my inventory to the eight 32-slot bags she carries.  That gives me 256 different glyphs I can work with, from the 340 in-game, with 41 remaining for Mingle to learn.  Now it’s a matter of winnowing out the less profitable glyphs so I can replace them with new discoveries.

I’ve also burnt through half of my stockpile of Snowfall Ink, and made 40 Darkmoon cards.  All I need now is a six of nobles, and I have a nobles deck ready to go when the Faire is back in town.  I also managed to get a complete Undeath deck (plus I’m only two cards short of a second deck, to boot), and purchased three cards on the AH to complete a Prisms deck and Chaos deck.

I’m going to use the returns from my glyph sales for the next week to purchase the other six stacks of eternal life I need to turn the rest of my snowfall inks into darkmoon cards, and then it’ll be time to see how the pre-Faire market treats me.

For now, though, I have a part-guild Alts Naxx10 run to tank.