Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Busy Is As Busy Does

And at the moment, busy makes glyphs.  Seriously, I’ve been spending waaaaay too much time making glyphs.  And milling ink to make more glyphs.  And cancelling and relisting glyphs to annoy my competitors.  Because glyphs have been selling like you wouldn’t believe.

You hear me, Naxxramas?  You're going down!

The lesson I’ve learnt from these usurpers trying to steal my market away from me is that one man’s undercut is another man’s opportunity.  Cue the last week’s sales:

For the seven days from 20th July – 26th July:
Total glyphs sold: 1457
Average price per glyph: 5.28g
Average sales per day: 1097.53g
Total income from the AH: 7682.74g

Despite the savage drop in price-per-glyph, it’s still a nice improvement over last week, and although the profit margin has shrunk considerably, my sales leave me in the black all the same.  I also suspect I’m proving something of an annoyance to those who insist of undercutting me, which cheers me up to no end.  (If you’re in a similar space I’d recommend the addon Quick Auctions 2, which has given me something of an advantage by reducing my turnaround time substantially.  If you’re one of my competitors, please feel free to skip over this paragraph)

25-man raiding took a step back last night, as we spent most of it wiping on Yogg-saron – quite a turnaround from the awesomeness of our raids on Wednesday and Thursday.  I’m sure he enjoyed the opportunity to kill us again and again and again.  And again.  And then some more.  It’ll be interesting to see how we do after the reset tonight.

The original new masks.  Aren't they pretty?

The “New races in the expansion!” theory took a bit of a hit when Blizzard added several additional new masks, at least until we saw them.  Naysayers have held up the additional new masks as evidence that the first new masks are purely cosmetic, and are not evidence of anything new that may or may not have anything to do with the expansion.

Murlocs and Vrykul.  Meh.

As for me?  I’m still of the “Yay, playable Goblins!” school of thought.  Sure there are new masks, and the Vrykul ones actually look almost as good as the Goblin and Worgen ones.  But the Murloc ones don’t look all that detailed (just look at their teeth).  Although the male ogre actually looks decent, the female ogre is apparently line art from one of the RPG manuals.  The male naga is pretty poorly done, and don’t get me started on the female naga, that’s just awful.

Ewwww.  Seriously.

Needless to say, I don’t think Blizzard’s non-response was quite as effective as they would hope,  Still, it’s under a month until Blizzcon, so we’ll find out for ourselves soon enough (hopefully).

I’m also still working on the last installment of my PvP gear guide, so for whoever is actually waiting for that, it’s still coming.  (Fingle’s actually getting quite well geared as well – time to start looking for an arena team, i think)

Time to go do things – I’m about to try healing Naxx-25 on Fingle, and I suspect things could get interesting.  Or painful.  Or both.