Monday, 10 August 2009

DND, Making Gold

From my experiences so far with 3.2, I’d have to describe this as the patch that both emptied and filled my wallet.  Seriously, have you seen the prices for Titanium Ore?  (I practiced some semblance of financial prudence, and only bought 20 overpriced stacks…)

Free gold?  I'm so there!

Apart from the new crafting bits and pieces (which was almost entirely jewelcrafting – incidentally, it’s surprising how well Earthsiege and Skyflare diamonds have been selling), I’ve mostly been speculating in the leatherworking leg armor and tailoring spellthread markets.  It’s just a matter of keeping an eye open for cheap components to stockpile: frozen orbs, arctic fur, eternals and (oddly enough – their price has been astronomical over the weekend) iceweb spider silk.

I’m surprised that alchemists got most of the gem transmutes right away – I would have thought Blizzard would have preferred to make it more time-consuming to acquire all of them, such as making the five-transmute pre-requisite before you can learn the Cardinal Ruby transmute apply to most of the others as well.  Still, considering that it’s on a cooldown, I guess they didn’t want to limit it any further right out of the gate.

I’ve managed to pick up 21 of the new JC cuts so far (of 73 – I’ve a way to go yet) using my backlog of tokens, starting out with ones I’d need on my various toons, and I’m now taking requests from guildmates for specific cuts they need.  Buying damaged necklaces to complete and turn-in for tokens seems to be the only economic way to get more than the 1-per day from the jc daily – with titanium ore starting at 350g/stack (and dust around 30g each), they’re not really all that viable.

Glyphs have been selling like nobody’s business (apart from a substantial dip on patch-day eve), and yesterday was my biggest day yet - you wouldn’t believe how many DK glyphs I’ve sold.  Here’s how last week treated me:

For the seven days from 3rd August – 9th August:
Total glyphs sold: 2782
Average price per glyph: 5.07g
Average sales per day: 1659.92g
Total income from the AH: 11619.5g

I’ve also (finally) finished discovering all the northrend glyphs on Mingle, so now that she can make all of them I can now say with a little more accuracy that she’s a master scribe. (Yay!)

I celebrated my financial success by purchasing the BoE Northern Barrier for my warrior, which dropped in Ulduar25 last night.  (Our guild keeps everyone supplied with raiding supplies by selling un-needed BoE drops on the AH, which can be purchased by guildmembers for a discounted price – it’s nice to not have to buy your own flasks for progression raiding)

I still haven’t completed the new 5-man instance – I should really get around to that, as pretty much all my non-raiding characters could use items from there (especially tank Dingle and disc healer Fingle).  I’ve run quite a few heroics on Fingle though, and (apart from the occasional over-enthusiastic gnome tank who pulls entire rooms) I think I’ve done pretty well.  It’s also been kind of fun, but I’m not sure if it’ll translate well if I try raid-healing on Mingle (whose new disc spec is still pretty virginal); my impressions of raid-healing, especially hard modes as we’ve been doing quite often of late, is that they’re very different to the slap-dash approach I’ve been taking with 5-mans.  Time will tell, though.

Speaking of time, it’s time to get my glyphs restocked so I can go do other things.