Thursday, 20 August 2009

Sometimes Self-Challenges Don’t Go As Intended

I tend to specialise with my assorted characters.  This goes from Mingle, who has the Loremaster achievement, to having one with each alchemy specialisation, to tentative plans to collect mounts on another character, and last of all to collecting pets on Ringle.


The pet idea came to me while I was farming the Deviate Hatchling in Wailing Chasm on Dingle.  I sent the single hatchling I found (from five partial runs) to Ringle, and the next day I logged onto Ringle and added both the Deviate hatchling and an Obsidian hatchling to her collection.  When added to the Northrend orphan she picked up the previous day, there was an immediate achievement ding and she had the achievement completed for collecting 50 pets.

Oddly enough, I was left feeling cheated for some reason, at how quickly she stumbled through that achievement (sure, it’s an illogical reaction, but logic is not really a trait I’m known for all that often), and my enthusiasm to start work on the next achievement tier has waned just a little.  I will probably get back to it at some stage (after all, with the 50-pet achievement reward pet, Ringle only needs 24 more pets to complete the 75 pet achievement), but that was an occasion when accidentally completing an achievement too quickly kind of took the fun out of it.