Friday, 4 September 2009

The Downside To Changing Raiding Spec

Well, I’ve experienced the upside of changing Mingle’s raiding spec (healing is fun!), now I get to enjoy the downside.  Maybe in a month I’ll start being able to pick up some upgrades for her healing gear that don’t require badges.

Have spec, will travel...  to raids.

Yup, I conveniently forgot that part of the process of changing raiding spec was that Mingle’s rank drops from Raider to Applicant, and with that goes the Raider-first loot opportunities (along with guild repairs and flasks, but they’re not really as important when you’re financially secure like I am).  Now, due to a combination of bad luck (/roll doesn’t like me), generosity (it made sense to pass on the mace from Razorscale which was of more benefit to the other dps caster who wanted it rather than roll on it for my underperforming shadow priest) and a biased loot system (mp5 on an item means healers get preference – which is kind of necessary in order to differentiate otherwise identical loot, but it’s painful when there aren’t many 1h caster weapons that don’t have it) she’s currently wielding Mariel’s Sorrow and Accursed Spine.  Not the worst combination you could think of, but it’s irksome when I bear in mind that (barring upgrades from Ulduar or ToC10) she’s going to be stuck with them for a while.

Well, I guess I can look forward to being promoted back to raider in a few weeks (provided I get the nod from the healing officer – still WTB feedback on how I’m doing), and by that time there should be enough people who’ve received loot that I’m a bit closer to the top of the queue when Misery’s End drops.  Of course, that’s provided the guild lasts that long – we still don’t know if we can up our game sufficiently to keep the raiders who want to work on hard mode progression from leaving for greener pastures.

I love being an optimist.