Friday, 25 September 2009

Life As A Healer: Week Three

WTB bigger numbers.

Bigger numbers good.  And missing.

Yup, another week of not being a raider under my belt, and I’ve been told by our healing officer that I’m almost good enough to be promoted from applicant rank.  My shielding is fine, I just need to increase my healing.  As a tank-healer, I’m finding rather challenging (especially considering I’m usually sharing my target with a holy pally).

It’s hard to increase your overall healing when so much of it is already over-healing – and what am I supposed to do as a tank-healer, snipe raid heals instead of throwing out shields and hope the tank doesn’t die while I’m doing it?  I should really spend some time on PlusHeal, but I’m just not feeling motivated to improve.  Having a healing officer who can’t offer more advice than “Well, heal more” doesn’t improve the situation.

I’ve spent most of my remaining disposable gold on enough crusader orbs to make two of the crafted ToC pieces for Mingle along with the two ToC tailoring chest patterns (mostly to make up for the upgrades I’m not getting in 25-man).  So if nothing else, she’s well dressed (and gemmed, and enchanted) while she sits out on hard-modes.

Other than that, things are going quietly enough.  I’m almost finished with the Brewmaster achievement for Pringle, who I think will be my designated drinker (once he buys the Brew of the Month membership, at least).

Fingle has picked up her last non-arena epic, which leaves either incremental upgrades (replacing Deadly Gladiator gear with Furious) or doing arena in order to get a pvp main-hand, off-hand and wand.

I’m slowly getting back into the swing of my Inscription business after taking a break, and I’ll need to keep on top of things if I want to replace the funds for those orbs before too long (even if they’re down to around 1.25k each).

I’m just not spending as much time online currently; between the lacklustre (and, aside from badges, reward-less) raiding, and the lack of anything else in-game catching my interest outside of that (Onyxia failed to deliver, unsurprisingly enough), life is just running slowly.  Maybe 3.3 will save WoW, but they’re going to pull one impressive hat out of their rabbit at this late stage in the game.

And it sounds like Aion is just WoW with prettier graphics on top of some very old-school grind, so I’ll pass on that, tyvm.  Fortunately it’s the new TV season in the states, so at least I’ve some interesting new viewing to occupy myself in the meantime.