Thursday, 8 October 2009

Life As A Healer: Week Five

You know, healing is fun!

Freya, schmeya

And showing up appealingly high on the healing meters, even as disc, is even more fun.  Maybe it’s a little misrepresentative of how disc priests work on most fights, but it’s still great for the ego.  (On an unrelated note, it’s curious to see the difference between the parses of the same fight on World of Logs and WoW Meter Online – I enjoy the higher numbers I get on WoL, but my inner pessimist is more inclined to believe what WMO shows)

All the same, I’m enjoying myself more, the more I raid, and I’m becoming more adventurous in how I heal as my confidence grows.  (I started working Prayer of Healing and Binding Heal into my repertoire tonight, with some small success.)  I think I’m starting to get a feel for when it’s safe to do something pre-emptive (like throwing out a bunch of shields on other raiders, pre-empting the tantrums on XT) vs reactive healing that was my usual reaction when I was starting out.

Speaking of raiding, my guild is trying something different with our scheduled raid times; we’re going to be running both our 25-man and two 10-man groups, and doing the 10-mans on two (or possibly three) of our four raid nights.  I think we’re going to be putting some time into the ToC 10-man heroic, not sure if we’ll be doing much in Ulduar (apart from some of the hard modes, possibly).  We’ll see where the idea goes, though – it’s still early days, and we still have some fine-tuning to be done.

I’m easy, though – more raids I can heal, the happier I am about the whole idea.

The news that 3.3 has hit the PTR is extremely welcome; I’m getting tired of the same old content, and the thought of something new (and possibly more challenging) is pretty appealing.  And with Icecrown so close, it just means we’re getting that much closer to Cataclysm, and more dwarves to level.

Ah well, time to practice patience.  And heal.