Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Toto, I've A Feeling We're Not In Kansas Any More.

Well, I’m trialing in another raiding guild and…  I miss my old guild.

But...  I don't *want* to choose!

It’s actually odd to discover how much of my enjoyment of raiding can be blamed placed on the people I was raiding with, and just how unsatisfying it can be to find myself playing with a new group of players who, while they’re more competent…  well…  the raiding just isn’t as much fun.

It’s an odd feeling, to be the new guy in a well-established social group, with their in-jokes and expectations, most of which I have no idea about.  Which isn’t to say the new guild isn’t most likely a good bunch of people who are fun to raid with – it’s just that I suspect my interest in raiding may not survive long enough to make the transition.

It’s a pity, as since joining I’ve experienced heroic 25-man Anub, finished 25-man Firefighter, 25-man Knock, Knock, Knock On Wood (although I died early on the successful attempt), and encountered Algalon for the first time (on 25-man, no less).

My experience of being thrown in the deep end as a holy priest has been more frustrating, however.  I’m very much aware of how poorly I’m performing (especially on trial), but so far I’ve had minimal feedback from anyone.  I suspect I’m also underperforming as disc, but it’s hard to tell with only the meters to guide me (and anyone who’s played disc knows how unhelpful they can be).

It doesn’t help my cause that I’m too anxious about the whole new-people thing to ask all that often – I’ve already had a couple of “Well, you should have done that already” moments during raid with boss videos, and another time when I didn’t realise I’d lost the healing channel until we were pulling the first boss of the night…  Way to impressive the healing officer, for sure.

I’m pretty sure I could follow my old guildies who’ve made the jump to Blackrock, but the higher performance bar on that server is something I’m wary of.  The fact it’s a PvP realm is also something I’m holding against it - PvP is something I only want to do when I opt in for it.  Mind you, I can’t afford to server-transfer any characters any time soon due to the fact I’m saving to upgrade my computer with a new cpu and motherboard, which renders such speculation pointless.  (Mmmm, quad-core…)

I really don’t know what I want to do, but suspect I’ll end up following the path of least resistance and continue raiding with newguild until I either, a) get used to them, or b) fail my application (although the latter is my best guess at this stage).  3.3 is slooooowly drawing closer, and after that we’ll be getting that cataclysmic game reset that probably renders the whole problem moot anyway, as the new Star Wars and Trek MMOs will probably be out by then if WoW has failed to hold my attention (which is increasingly likely).

Perhaps I’m just not cut out for modern raiding.  Or perhaps what I thought was satisfaction playing the game was actually due to the company I was keeping?  Time to consider my options.