Saturday, 6 March 2010

My <Single Abstract Noun> Post

Post soundtrack: “Europa And The Pirate Twins” by Thomas Dolby

After reading the post about Single Abstract Noun on Righteous Orbs, and then the post by Miss Medicina’s blog about the US branch, I’ve decided to invest one of my oh-so-precious character slots on a new character to play around with over there on Argent Dawn.

One shiny new gnome rogue.  Cold out here, innit?

Meet Pringle, my cute little kind-of-red-headed gnome rogue. (Hmm, I really need to process my backlog of screenshots – reclaiming the 6gb of space on what’s nominally my game drive would be most useful) I’ve also tentatively rolled up a dwarf priest and dwarf paladin, and may yet bring my alt priest over (she’s currently gathering dust on Blackrock along with a decent quantity of coinage).

It’s been a curious experience – not just revisiting the dwarf/gnome starting zone as a stubby little footstool gnome, but doing so with minimal resources.  Of course, gold is easy to come by – Pringle is now level 17, and has 53g income and 38g outgoings since she was created, giving her 15g in hand.

I’ve been approaching things in a slightly more laid-back manner while I’m levelling, unlike my usual motor-through-the-game style. Admittedly I’m still levelling fast, but it’s more due to the number of hours I’m logged on than to any claim to efficiency.  I’m considering getting Pringle to 20, buying her mount and some bags for my priest, and then putting some time into getting my priest up to the stage of my belf from my leveling-as-disc guide experiment (which ran head-first into a large quantity of inertia).

I gave up on Age of Conan as well, after purchasing my mount at level 40 and realising that the extremely grim tone of the game just…  Well, it was depressing, and not much fun for me.  I have to admit, I was missing the comic-relief you find so often in WoW.  It was fun while it lasted, but it just wasn’t something I was going to enjoy once the novelty wore off (which was around level 40).  So bye-bye AoC, welcome back WoW and SAN (at least, maybe welcome back – time will tell, I suspect).

I’ve also installed Aliens vs Predator (which finally arrived in the post) and quickly ran head-first into my dislike of jump-horror games (in the form of the Marine single-player campaign).  I was holding off trying the multiplayer component until I have some experience with the different classes from the campaigns, but I’ve just run out of enthusiasm for either at this stage.  (I think I bought the game almost entirely on the strength of limited LAN time spent head-shotting other players in AvP2, many many moons ago – I don’t even know if you can do that in the new game)  I guess much more play of this will probably remain a get-around-to-it-later thing for the time being.

On a related note, the multiplayer component of Bioshock 2 is mildly fun on team-based maps, but I wouldn’t want to waste time in deathmatch or other non-teambased play thanks to the complete lack of ranked player matching.  I mean, you start multiplayer as level 1, and it takes time to reach level 40 and unlock everything. When you can end up matched against level 40 players when you are level 1 it does kind of look like multiplayer is kind of broken.  And the upcoming multiplayer DLC that ups the level cap to 50 and adds new weapon upgrades looks like it’ll only make things worse for new players, unless level 50 players are limited to play with other high-level players.  I’ll admit it is mildly entertaining mindless fun, though; I just have other more interesting things to do and games to play.

And for now though, I have a gnome to continue leveling.

I'm sure you'll be seeing me again soon - I'm cute, donchaknow?

(It’s amazing the difference a haircut makes)