Monday, 10 May 2010

Gearing A Dual-purpose Rogue

Post soundtrack: “Yunowhatislifeez (jazz mix)” by Metropolitan Jazz Affair

Gnome rogue Pringle is gearing up nicely, and I’ve been experimenting with a different gear acquisition theory:  badges buy PvP gear first.

<Insert filler screenshot here>

The theory is, starting with blue gear (crafted PvP items where possible), buy non-set items with honor and spend triumph badges on the arena PvP items (apart from the shoulders, which will be purchased with honor + arena points).

The reasoning for this is, the upgrade of blues => ilvl232 PvP epics is sufficient to give a rogue decent dps in heroics where most of the PvE upgrades will be coming from, while PvP survivability will be substantially greater given the extra resilience from the purchased items.  After enough upgrades, the LFD will start to offer the ICC heroics which will provided more PvE-specific upgrades.  And once all five emblem-PvP items have been purchased, badges are available to buy the T9 set.

Admittedly, the process would have been more realistic if I’d thought of this before buying the T9 gloves and shoulders, but…  well.  My timing often isn’t the best.

Also, I’ve been woefully distracted lately by numerous tower defense games on my ipod touch (Pew Pew Land is the latest) so by my reckoning my intermittent posting schedule is all Apple’s fault.

To me, the pictures of Azshara and Kezan just scream "Grand Theft Azeroth" - or maybe Azeroth Kart Racing

Oh, and who else is looking forward to racing along the Azshara highway that’s come to light in the Cataclysm leak?  Seriously, I’ve downloaded all the MMO-Champion screenshots and cycling through them as desktop wallpaper.  Impatient for Cataclysm?  Why, yes I am.