Wednesday, 19 May 2010

There’s No Server Like Home

Post soundtrack: “Sorry (I ran all the way home)” by The Impalas

Sometimes you just can’t fight the siren call of an old server – especially if you have a lot of characters there, as I have on Dath’Remar.  So I’m seriously considering leaving SAN (or at least putting it on the back burner) while I spend some time back on Dath and investigate future options.  (The fact I didn’t really start considering this until after reading Skeleton Jack’s post about his thoughts on Dath after moving there to join Insurrection is purely coincidental. Probably.)

The games name starts with a W, but no it isn't WoW.

I started back yesterday, doing a pug VoA with disc priest Mingle, and followed up with some time on rogues Pringle and Ringle (including the raid weekly on Ringle).  It felt oddly strange to be back on my dwarves after so much time invested in my gnome – I’m beginning to suspect it might be time to branch out into the other races, possibly even replacing a dwarf or two.

I’ve also been having a look on the official forums to see who’s recruiting – no-one seems to be after a disc priest, but I might be able to apply on Ringle.  It’s tricky though, as most guilds are well into ICC25, and I’ve so little experience with my rogue – when I went in, it was healing (either semi-effectively as disc or badly as holy) on Mingle.  Time to catch up on strategies, I guess.

I’ve also been exploring yet another MMO, having picked up a cheap copy of Warhammer Online while my interest in WoW was wandering.  Curiously enough, I was able to pick up a cheap copy of the collector’s edition for just over half the price of the (not currently on special) normal edition – it well worth the price of admission for the art book, but the accompanying hardcover graphic novel wasn’t quite as appealing for me, and the accompanying unassembled figure will remain unassembled.  (The main reason I bought a boxed copy was because the additional of 15gb of traffic to download the full client effectively killed any savings from buying a digital copy)

Half sword-twirling warrior, half bow-wielding hunter, all Elf.

I have to say, the game is visually quite appealing, being both more stylised than WoW and yet less cartoon-ish.  It’s just a pity that for a PvP-based game that the player density is so low, even with the game reduced to a only four servers.  (I might write some more in another post, and maybe add some more shiny screenshots – feel free to encourage me)   Unfortunately it looks like I’ll have to cancel my sub after the 30 days ends – I’m saving for a new monitor, and my budget for the next few weeks will be challenged enough covering the cost of groceries without the extra expense of another MMO subs on top of that.

Anyway, that’s pretty much where I’m standing right now: pugging whatever I can find while I considering which guild to app to first.  (The tricky part, of course, is trying to accurately gauge whether I’m good enough to app to a progression guild, or if a more casual guild that just happens to raid would be a better fit – not an easy task with as much insecurity about my skills as I have)

And now that it’s nearing raid-time, it’s probably as good a time as any to see what’s happening.