Friday, 15 October 2010

WoW: Guess What’s Hiding In 4.0.1

Post soundtrack: “Moondance” by Van Morrison

I noticed something interesting while 4.0.1 was installing, and now I’ve found a working version of WoWModelViewer (the ‘DEV WORK’ version, so you should be surprised if it works) I found something veeeeeeery nice.

Awwwww, 'lil green cutie-pie.

Isn’t Miss Goblin cute?  And she has company.

It's a goblin.  Be sure to count your fingers after shaking hands.

Meet Mister Goblin.  Some great little touches in his animations – I particularly love the way his ears sag when he cries, it’s quite touching.


Mr Worgan.   Pretty much what you’d expect.  And last, but not least…

It's a female worgen - what else do you need to know?

And Ms Worgen.  While she’s still prone to lycanthropic Chihuahua-ism when viewed from certain angles (and some of her animations have clipping issues with her armour that you wouldn’t believe), she’s not as poorly modeled as the initial screenshots of her from the char select screen would suggest.

She does seem to need a good few layers of polish, though.

Roll on 4.0.3!