Friday, 20 March 2009

Juggling hit for fun and profit.

Another raid night completed (and all the 25-man content finished for the week), and for a change I’ve picked up an upgrade for Mingle.  Now, getting new gear is the easy part; juggling stats to best effect is the tricky bit.


Now Mingle is already very well geared, so upgrades are very far between at this stage; basically 10- and 20-man Malygos drop an item each, and 25-man Kel’Thuzad drops a couple more items.  But winning Leggings of the Wanton Spellcaster gave me enough extra hit that I’ve been able to drop two pieces of +Hit gear and replace them with more effective items.

Old gear: Total 156 Int, 101 Spirit, 73 Crit, 766 Spellpower, 77 Hit, 41 Haste

New gear: Total 177 Int, 83 Spirit, 85 Crit, 758 Spellpower, 82 Hit, 66 Haste

Aggregate change: +21 Int, –18 Spirit, +12 Crit, –8 Spellpower, +5 Hit, +25 Haste (And once I get the upgraded weapon enchant, that will turn the Spellpower deficit into a bonus)

But the fun thing was juggling gear to get the best overall bonus.  For Shadow Priests, the best resource for gear comparisons I’ve come across would have to be the “Best Raiding Gear Available” list on  Admittedly it does take some practice to work out how best to interpret the list for you and your gear options, but once you’ve got a grasp of it, it makes things a little easier to work out if gear item A is much better than gear item B.

As far as future upgrades go, that leaves a helm to replace Faerlina’s Madness (which really is pretty average, compared to the items which just haven’t been dropping for me), the trinket from Sarth, the cloak from Sarth with 2 Drakes, the ring from Kel’Thuzad, the healer mace also from Kel’Thuzad, and the chest from 10-man Malygos for its +Hit.


But it’ll be another week until I get to pray to the god of RNG, and hope that items I want will drop, and that I’ll be able to win them.  Oh well, back to my alts until the raids reset…