Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Too much of a good thing?

One of the things you get used to, when you have multiple alts at (roughly) the same level of progression, is doing dailies multiple times. The one that comes up as regular as clockwork for me would have to be the cooking daily.


Now, I currently have six characters (I won’t refer to OCD if you won’t) who get to do this each day and (apart from the inevitable issues that ensue from trying to do it when Dalaran is crowded) it's actually not that bad. The only down side would have to be trying to decide what to actually use all the Dalaran Cooking Awards for.

With only two useless cosmetic feasts (the Small Feast and Gigantic Feast respectively) providing skill-ups above 425 cooking, the grind to level high-end cooking is currently pretty awful (although patch 3.1 is going to go a long way towards fixing that, at least in theory). I do try to keep at least a full stack each of Great Feasts and Fish Feasts on Mingle for raiding, but that doesn’t require very many spices (and is easily provided by the contents of the Small Spice Bag from the cooking daily reward).

I also tend to keep a stack (divided into four stacks of 25) listed on the AH, which gives bank alt Pringle an extra 140G or so every few days, but the market doesn’t really support any more than that – at least, not without having the price drop unpleasantly.

Fortunately the awards don’t take up bag space, so it’s safe to just let them accumulate (which they’re doing very effectively – they appear to breed so effectively Tribbles would be jealous).

But when it comes down to it, I think I’m just grumbling about nothing – they don’t take much time, don’t take up bag space, and do provide an additional (small) source of income. Just wait until we get the patch 3.1 fishing changes and new dailies, though. Then I’m sure I’ll have something to really complain about.

Or at least, something to compete with the cooking awards for bag space. I can hardly wait.