Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Farming Rep Used To Take Longer

Yet another Dingle achievement post; I’m sure you’re surprised.


I’ve been doing a little farming of reputations, with an eye to completing The Diplomat achievement – I think “Dinglemouse the Diplomat” has a nice ring to it, don’t you? 

As I mentioned previously, farming Kurenai to exalted took a couple of sessions of grinding, but otherwise wasn’t too rough.  Farming Sporeggar, however, had me scratching my head for a little while.  The two methods that I was used to (farming Fertile Spores or farming Bloodscale Naga) aren’t the quickest of things.  The breakthrough came while I browsed the WoWWiki page about the faction, and made a little mental adjustment that made it easy.

The adjustment is, “I’m playing a well geared tank – how hard can normal Underbog be to farm?”  As it turns out, it’s not hard at all.  I mean, it’s seriously easy.  (And kind of fun, to boot)  You see, as someone who previously raided on a rogue (which is to say, is used to being squishy) and currently raids on a priest (which is to say, is squishy), I’m more used to avoiding the kind of stand-up fights where a tank really shines – hopefully next time it won’t take me as long to come to my senses, and play the strength of the class.

On my first time through I cautiously cleared my way through to several of the groups of humanoids after Hungarfen, and stopped there to head back out to reset – it wasn’t necessary to finish the instance, as all I needed were around a couple of hundred Sanguine Hibiscus, after all, and they’re easily farmed in the area up to the first Naga pair.  (It’s quite possible I could have cleared the instance, but the humanoid section in the middle would have been an unnecessary time-sink)

I think I was getting around 30 hibiscus per run, and a bit of vendor trash (plus a couple of greens, and a blue from Hungarfen each time), and I was taking it very leisurely (about 20-30 minutes per run – I’m not really one to rush things when I don’t need to); after six runs (and a clearing my bags once) I was able to head back the Sporeggar and ding exalted.

Last on the list is Timbermaw Hold, and I’m relying (once again) upon advice from WoWWiki.  This is another old-school grind, and pretty slow going (especially when someone else is farming the mobs as well), but I’m making progress.  (If you’re planning on farming this one yourself, the WoWWiki guide is a must-read)

Gear also continued to drop – some helpful guildies went to normal Halls of Lightning with me, and I was blessed with the Seal of the Pantheon on my very first run, much to my chagrin.  (One of the others in the raid had to make several runs on his tank in order to pick it up)

So *that's* where it is!

A little exploring also saw the Explore Northrend achievement completed (with the new tabard to go with it, which took Dingle to ten), and the Explore Outland achievement fell not long afterwards.

Sunday saw the guild finishing clearing most of the Wrath content for the week (Kel’Thuzad and Malygos were saved for Monday night), and venturing back into Outland for something to do.  Dingle tagged along as Vashj fell first in SSC, followed by Kael in Tempest Keep, and we finished the night with Illidan in Black Temple.  (I kind of miss the fact that they used to be hard – and in the case of the Vashj fight, lots of fun!)

For now, though, the desire for something new to do is becoming uncomfortable in it’s intensity – the lack of level-80 content has become glaringly obvious and many of my guildmates have expressed sentiments similar to my own, in that Blizzard had better not disappoint with Ulduar.

My gold’s on 3.1 going live tomorrow.  Probably because I don’t want to be re-running the same old raids for yet another blasted week.

Time for dailies!