Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Yay, 3.1!

Looks like tomorrow will be an interesting day. We’re going to do an exploratory guild 10-man Ulduar in the morning to get some practice before we do our 25-man in the evening, and Mingle will be going in to lend a hand with shadow pew-pew. (I’ll see if I can take some screenshots of the carnage to post between raids)

And as part of the preparation for tomorrow, I did some fishing to have a supply of Fish Feasts on hand. I did a lot of fishing over the last couple of days (and one of the officers gave me a couple of stacks of each of the fish ingredients), something that I really wish I could have left it until post-patch (mostly to get more chances at fishing up the Sea Turtle, as seen with the other new mounts on MMO Champion). I made 62 fish feasts, which gives me about 89 – hopefully that’ll last the week. (And Mingle dinged 450 fishing this evening in Sholazar Basin)

But here comes 3.1! Yay! A new raid and better fishing ahoy!

I R Fisherman!