Thursday, 16 April 2009

Ulduar Hurts

The guild eventually managed to get some time in Ulduar (after the 6-hour delay to the servers coming back up this morning), and Mingle has been in for a little play in both the 10-man and 25-man versions.

We got pounded into the ground.  Repeatedly.  Just like the good old days of Burning Crusade progression raiding.

Moments like this, I wish Mingle was an engineer.

We only managed to try two bosses (and the trash to two more) in 10-man, and three bosses in 25-man.  I think we’re going to have to up our game substantially before we’ll get much further.

First up this afternoon in 10-man was the Flame Leviathan.  Now, I was quite concerned that this might end up being a disaster right up there with Oculus, but they pulled a hat out of a rabbit with this one.  I was given a turret on one of the siege engines and had a blast, well, blasting things.  It was pretty entertaining.

After a false start where we failed to take down the towers (and were trounced by Leviathan, adds and bombardment by orbital lasers), we cleared the towers and then took the Leviathan down, picking up a couple of level-219 items along with an Emblem of Valor.


The neck was of no interest to me, and after checking the stats on the cloth head, I passed on that as well (it being lower in stats than Mingle’s Helm of Rationality).  We followed that with a few attempts on Razorscale (which ended in mass cases of various death-by-fire), and tried to visit XT-002 Deconstructor but were thwarted by a couple of packs of rather nasty mechanical adds. Before calling it for the afternoon we tried pulling the two giant elementals outside Ignis’s room, but they very quickly pounded us into a fine paste.

Cue end of raid, for us to take a break and lick our wounds (which were mostly psychological, but still fairly debilitating).

This evening lead to the 25-man raid team entering Ulduar for the first time.  After some quick directions about the vehicles, we romped through the pre-Leviathan trash (making sure to kill the towers this time) and one-shot the Leviathan.  Admittedly, we did kind of fail miserably at getting the turrets on Leviathan down (I think we’ll need to organise that a bit better next time round), but that did lead to us completing our first heroic achievement, closely followed by a second achievement for looting our first Emblems of Conquest.


Things didn’t go that well afterwards as we found ourselves failing to perform against Razorscale, and a visit to the XT-002 Deconstructor (who was oddly trash-free in 25-man) proved equally fatal (although far more amusing – the voice for the boss was quite unexpected).

The server was taken down for emergency maintenance a couple of minutes after that, so the raid was called and everyone has limped away to recover.  Still, we have our first heroic Ulduar loot, so I guess we can call this round a draw.


Sadly I didn’t get the caster ring (which was slightly worse than the ring from Kel’Thuzad, but still better than the two Mingle is wearing), but at least it went to a good home.

And I’ve managed to finish my first one of the new fishing dailies on Mingle, and one round of the Tournament dailies on both Mingle and Dingle, so I guess it’s been a productive day all round.  Exhausting, but productive.

And speaking of exhausting…