Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Nothing To See Here. Move Along.

Just a little post today.  It could be because I’m feeling lazy, but if pressed on the matter I’ll deny it.

Yay for incidental achievements!

We went back to 10-man Ulduar last night before server shutdown, and managed to down Ignis (who has apparently been nerfed substantially – I hadn’t been in the attempt earlier in the week, so I missed the ‘fun’).  No loot-love for Mingle from the boss, but she scored the Drape of the Spellweaver off the pre-Ignis trash that not only was an upgrade, but also gave her the Epic achievement.

I’ve been distracted of late (and the Tournament dailies are taking forever), so Kringle has been getting impatient for that leveling I promised him.  Had the single fishing daily for three days in a row now, and nothing shiny to show for it (apart from the compass of uselessness and a couple of glow worms).

We have another week of Ulduar to look forward to (possibly getting past Mimiron in 10-man now he’s been tuned down a little, and hopefully getting further in 25-man with less hassle), and I guess I have more days of the Tournament for Mingle and Dingle (which I’m getting tired of, especially with them being such travel-heavy time-sinks with very drawn-out payoffs)

For now, though?  Dailies, again.