Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Quick Argent Tournament Information And Linkage.

Just a quick post that I’ve been meaning to make for a few days (and kept forgetting).  If you’re having trouble with the mounted combat part of the Tournament, I found this post to be a lifesaver.

I can has squire?

Here’s my take on it (having finally reached champion):

  • Before you start, make sure you have 3 stacks up of your shield.
  • Talk to your opponent to start the fight, use Shield Breaker (attack #2) when he moves into the centre of the right, and immediately follow so he remains in melee range (which means you don’t get charged).
  • Move just far enough away from him to use Shield Breaker again, then back into melee range before he can return the favour.  Repeat until his shields are down.
  • Move away until you can charge him (attack #3), then return to melee range.  Repeat until he’s been defeated.
  • While you’re doing this you have to keep your shields up (attack #4).
  • And while you’re doing all that, you have to keep him in melee range when he moves away in preparation for a charge.

Easy, right?  Well, practice makes perfect…  (I certainly got more than my share of practice)

Once you reach Champion rank and start doing those dailies, the optional rewards are quite nice as well.  You get the choice of a Champion’s Writ or a Champion’s Purse, in addition to the Champion’s Seal.  The Writ can be turned in for tokens worth 250 reputation with your faction of choice, and the Purse gave me 10g for each of the three dailies I completed.

Well, that’s Mingle done for the day, time to get Dingle enchampioned.

/wave (again)