Sunday, 7 June 2009

One More Goal Down

Mingle is now fully T8 geared, which is…  well…  Actually, it’s not that much of an achievement, as it’s only the Valorous piece and anything over 4 pieces is of negligible value…  But it’s nice to have completed the set.  Well, kind of completed.  Completed enough?

It may be less than obvious to the untrained eye, but I'm happy with the difference.

The last item I needed for the set was the shoulders from 10-man Thorim, the Valorous Mantle of Sanctification.  Sure I’d prefer the Conqueror equivalent, but I don’t think we’re going to be downing 25-man Yogg-Saron any time soon.  (It’s not totally beyond the realm of possibility, especially with our talented now raiders, I just don’t think it’ll be happening without a lot of effort and substantial expenditure of time)

Other than this?  Well, it’s just more grind.  10-man progression is slowly coming along, with some success against Yogg-Saron last night.  25-man progression is…  Unexciting, on the whole.  We should be able to get General down tonight and spend time with 25-man Yogg-Saron.  If nothing else, we’ll get some solid experience getting out of the clouds.  And into the clouds.  And avoiding shadow-crashes.

But Fallout 3 is a great distraction.