Thursday, 6 August 2009

Disc Priest PvP Gear Guide – Part 2.5

AKA Patch 3.2 Strikes Back.  (This is just an addendum to update the previous two parts – here and here – with the new PvP items available with the patch launch.)

Join a battleground, meet interesting, and try to kill them while you cap their bases.

While the patch has gone live, Season Seven of arena has yet to begin which means we don’t have a new tier of PvP gear (yet).  However, several new items have become available from Wintergrasp for purchase with Wintergrasp Marks of Honor.

Titan-forged Cloth Leggings of Salvation (Haste - 40 Marks)
Titan-forged Cloth Trousers of Domination (Critical Strike - 40 Marks)
Titan-Forged Cuffs of Salvation (Haste - 15 Marks)
Titan-Forged Band of Ascendancy (Haste - 15 Marks)

These are very nice alternatives to the existing pants, wrists and rings available to purchase with honor points.  The leggings, with an item level of 232, are equivalent to the Furious Gladiator’s leggings (the current top tier of arena gear) and are substantially better than the ilvl 200 Deadly Gladiator’s leggings which were previously the best you could get for that slot without an arena rating.

The same applies to the ilvl 226 bracers (a smaller upgrade over the ilvl213 Deadly Gladiator’s Cuffs).  In the case of the ilvl 226 ring, the stats on it are arguably more useful to a disc priest than the hit rating on the otherwise equivalent Deadly Gladiator’s Band of Ascendancy.

So now you can see what new items are available (and how nice they are), and I can get back to work on finishing part three of this guide – I’m sure you can’t wait!