Thursday, 6 August 2009

Patch 3.2 - Broken Addons Time!

It’s not so much that addons haven’t been updated yet, it’s more that they aren’t breaking gracefully.

I'm so pretty, I'm such a pretty kitty...

And I’m feeling less than graceful myself, following a tooth extraction yesterday – I guess I’m not breaking gracefully either (although I surprised myself by coping with the extraction more gracefully than I was expecting to, being a woos of a guy, especially when it comes to dentistry).

I’m still working on the third part of my PvP gear guide, and it’s taken so long that a lot of it has been rendered outdated by the arrival of 3.2 and the new PvP items from Wintergrasp.  I might have to make a filler post (part 2.5?) to cover the few new items.

Speaking of 3.2, it’s been very much “a patch of appealing little tweaks that should have happened years ago,” at least for the most part.  Low-level mounts, check.  Character names coloured by class in chat, check.  Vendor prices listed on items when not at a vendor, check.  Item level can be displayed on item tooltips, check.  Make the Chef’s hat actually useful, check.

The epic gem transmutes have the potential to make transmute mastery profitable at last (wtb third alchemy specialist), new pets dropping from world mobs are nice (especially from old world mobs), and people have been hearing about the engineer buffs and going “That sounds awesome.” (I suspect that last of those is one of the signs of the impending end of the world)

The new raid instance has been about as underwhelming as I was expecting – having done both 10 and 25 man versions, I can safely say “Is that it?”  I’ve only managed to finish the first encounter in the 5-man instance (the tank had to leave), but that’s only managed to reinforce my dislike of jousting.

As an aside…  Night Elf druid cat form?  Awesome.  Night Elf druid bear form?  Ridiculous.  Just look at the tall hind legs and short front legs.  If I wanted a hotrod, I’d make one on my engineer.  (Mind you, I also want to make my druid roller-skates for bear form)

On the subject of “Things that don’t suck that much,” I’ve sold a ridiculous number of glyphs of the last week.  (It’ll be interesting to see how the new glyphs, Glyph of the Claw and Glyph of Command, sell this week)

For the seven days from 27th July – 2nd August:
Total glyphs sold: 2606
Average price per glyph: 4.07g
Average sales per day: 1515.35g
Total income from the AH: 10607.5g

Admittedly my average price per glyph has dropped yet again (which fortunately works against my competitors as much as against myself), but I’m still well and truly in the black overall thanks to the (substantial) increase in sales and some appealingly priced Ink of the Sea purchased in the AH last week.

Dammit Jim, I'm a tank not a hot-rod!

For now, however, I have both Wintergrasp (if I can get in the queue) and the new battleground waiting for Fingle.