Wednesday, 21 October 2009

LFG Raiding Guild?

Well, that settles that…  Another week where the guild couldn’t field a full 25-man raid, and we’ve finally thrown in the towel as a 25-man progression raiding guild (after the officers relented after their initial decision to retire, and tried for two more months to keep us going).


I haven’t decided what I’m going to do – as a healer, 25-man raiding is just more fun.  10-man, while a good time-filler, doesn’t measure up for challenge or rewards (other than trinkets, in some cases).  Some guild members have considered trying to do 10-man raids, maybe also 10-man hard-mode ToC (which I haven’t been able to do – disc priest healing isn’t good enough), but I don’t really want to do anything less than 25-mans (although that’s possibly my contrary nature shining through).

Unfortunately, after the wonderful experience of this guild I’m not looking forward to starting over with another guild if I want to get back into another 25-man guild.  It not only means leaving behind the collection of weird and wonderful people in this guild, but also hoping I get lucky and the guild I join is a fun group to raid with.

At heart, though, I just feel sad.  With our GM planning on server-transferring in search of 25-man progression (possibly along with other members), it feels to me like we’re also losing the heart of the guild.  Sadly I’m about to hit a financial crisis of my own, so server transferring myself isn’t really likely anytime soon (and would be problematic, with my support network of alts and lack of experience as a healer).