Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Tankadin? Tankadin!

Well, raiding has ground to a halt: 25-man ToC, VoA and Onyxia only took a couple of nights, and we didn’t have enough tanks for our 10-man raid for two of the remaining nights.  So I finishing leveling my paladin.

Sewers are kind of photogenic, just be grateful the picture's not in smell-o-vision.

Meet Binglerouse, level-80 tankadin extra-ordinaire.  Also tankadin very inexperienced.

I finished leveling her as I began; as prot spec.  Needless to say, it wasn’t the quickest of processes.  But. Once I picked up Divine Plea and Guarded by the Light, things became substantially faster.  (Yay for pulling a half-dozen mobs at a time, and finishing the fight with full health and mana)

The hardest thing has been finding information about how to gear, how to talent, and how to tankadin.  There are still some useful guides, but even then some of them are a bit out-of-date (such as the Item Enhancements page on maintankadin, which hasn’t been updated to cover epic gems).  I’ve been able to pick up enough ideas to give me a very basic understanding, now it’s a case of getting that chance to put it into practice.

And she’s pretty well geared (comparatively speaking), with the crafted titansteel helm and shield, the crafted boots and belt from Ulduar and crafted chest and wrist from ToC.  (Have I mentioned how lately how much gold I no longer have?  Well, I have now, and I can thank Bingle for it.)

Oh, and she’s had a haircut to go with her new gear.  I think it suits her.  And don’t you love our new guild tabard?  (I wanted a kitty, but nooooo…)

I'm so tough I eat quiche in front of truckers.

I might also gear her up as a healer – it’s early days still.

As far as the rest of my assorted alts…  Well, it’s a case of that vague ennui settling in during the dark period when you’re trying to choke down the dregs of the last content patch, with the promise of better things to come from the next patch.  Icecrown may await us, but not nearly as much as we’re awaiting it.

I tanked ToC10 on Dingle last week, but my performance was pretty awful – seriously, it’s was almost failpug level.  (It improved slightly after juggling some gear, but still, it wasn’t pretty…)

Hopefully things will improve this week – we’re really pushing things as far as attendance, and I can see it only getting worse before Icecrown and 3.3.  And it’s around time to get ready for tonight’s raid, so time to log over and get busy.  (Raiding or waiting, time will tell)

Now we're going places!