Sunday, 13 December 2009

It’s The Little Things That Make It So Enjoyable

Today’s post soundtrack: “One Life” by Lisa Ekdahl.

Lately I’ve particularly been enjoying two little additions to the game, one of which is new with the patch and another which was introduced with 3.2, but is new to me.

Guard your ankles with your life!

First of all, meet my baby Venomhide Ravasaur.  I’m only a few days into this chain, which begins with a series of quests in Un’goro Crater where you acquire an egg.  Eventually you’re given the young ravasaur which has hatched from the egg, and then have to complete twenty daily quests given by the ravasaur as it grows and matures.  The end result, the Venomhide Ravasaur, is the horde equivalent to the Winterspring Frostsaber.

I’ve really been enjoying logging onto OldDingle each day for this, despite the fact that it’s essentially a tamagochi (without the cleaning).  Riding across Tanaris or Un’goro on one of my mounts with the itty-bitty little ravasaur following behind me has surprised me with the feeling it creates, of being responsible for raising this growing creature.

Awwww, so cute...

WoW is usually a very static world, yet this provides a surprisingly substantial experience of something within the world changing (and growing) due to your actions.  Think of it as emotional phasing, done right.  (I just wish there was something equivalent for Alliance)

The other little change that I’m quite taken with is the new collection of animations that were added for Hippogryphs with 3.3.  MMO Champion released a video of the new walking and running animations that were found when the PTR went live, but I’ve also been charmed with the new idling animations.

Looking good!

And yes, the image above is traderogue Ringle (in her around-town T6 gear), who I’ve been running heroics on in preparation for getting her into Icecrown at some stage for the crafting recipes (if I can swing it somehow).

I’d still be running them, but the server has been experiencing lag issues of such severity that…  Well, you can thank the lag for this post.