Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Mostly Painless

Something different for today’s post soundtrack:  “I am the very model of a singularitarian” by Charlie Kam.

Well, 3.3 has been mostly successful so far.  All my characters and addons worked fine, except for an ERROR #132 on raiding toon Mingle.  Turns out it’s something to do with the Wowhead looter (determined after a great deal of enabling/disabling/restarting/crashing), but it only effects Mingle – all my other characters work fine with it enabled.

I think I'll call him...  er, her...  um, them?  Fluffy!

The new authenticator pet was an unexpected (yet nice) touch, for us authenticator users.  Anyway, it’s a bit early to have formed much of a reasoned and experienced opinion about the patch, so I’ll just get ready for an raiding tonight – yay for not-ToC!

Actually, one thing I’ve noticed – I don’t think I’ve had mail open so quickly and smoothly in a long time.  (Maybe it’s a result of maintenance, but it feels substantially better than I’m used to)


Oh, and they’ve changed the login background for dwarves – it has a distance-fade thing going on.  Curious little cosmetic change there.