Tuesday, 1 December 2009

One In-One Out, One Out-One In

(In a move inspired by a little something that WoW.com sometimes does, and also because of how much I want to introduce other people to music I love, I’m going to offer a soundtrack for this post:  “Fuoco Fatuo [performed by Koop]” by Nicola Conte, from volume 4 of the awesome nu-jazz compilation series Saint-Germain-des-Prés Café)

It’s been an interesting few days.  Not only has my shiny new (or at least, reclaimed) troll rogue made progress towards Outland, but I’ve also stumbled into a new raiding guild for priest Mingle.


Dingle v1 has managed to move from level 40 (on Saturday) to 48 (late last night), and I’m almost finished cleaning up the half-finished quest chains in his log.  It’s actually an odd feeling, visiting all the old zones and doing all these new quests there.  (I’m doing it without following any leveling guides, although I have found it necessary to look up locations for some of the more obscure “kill npc X” quests on Wowhead)

In a similar theme, I’m tossing up whether to hop onto the undead mage who’s sharing Dingle’s server, or rolling a new horde priest and spending some quality time in the Blood Elf starting zone.  I’m also actually sorely tempted to put some money into a name and possibly gender change for my troll – a new name would make referring to him less unwieldy to reference (“Dingle v1” lacks a certain charm), and I’m not really a fan of the male troll character model.  However, I have to watch my budget at the moment so it might be some time before I can get around to this – and I’m seriously considering bringing Fingle (and her transmute) back to Dath, which would be another expense.

On the raiding front there’s been an interesting development.  I hopped on oldguild vent on Sunday, and a friend popped in who’d switched guilds and in conversation the question was raised about if I was looking for another raiding guild (after I mentioned my failapp).  After giving it a little thought I decided to accept, and a minute after joining I was sent an unexpected invitation for a guild 10-man.

So I found myself running ToC10, VoA10 and Onyxia10 that evening with some small success and only one definite fail (healer heal thyself!) and one maybe fail (if the dps dies it’s their own darned fault, right?) on my part.  (As an aside, I’m not really good at switching specs mid-raid as I tried to do for Twins, which was my personal fail of the night)

Anyway, last night was my first newguild 25-man raid, and I was summoned in to find myself looking at Mimiron.  Turned out, the guild hadn’t actually downed him before, so when we one-shot him there was much celebration on vent.  (It was messy as heck with a good number of dead players littering the floor at the end, but one thing I’ve noticed is that this a guild with some pretty impressive dps)

We moved on to Vezax, and three-shot him (yay for the advantage of ToC gear!).  A healer also picked up the 30th fragment he needed for Val’anyr, to much acclaim from guildmates.  This also set the bar a little higher for the encounter with Yogg, with the decision to attempt it without Mimiron’s buff in order to complete the hammer.

Anyway, we then moved on to Yogg, and I got to watch them putting together an strategy to get through phase one.  Very different to the one I know from oldguild, but we reached the second phase more than once before we stopped for the night.)

So far the new guild looks promising:  competent raiders (and great dps), effective leadership, and a nice balance between effort and humour during the raid.  I’m going to give it a couple of weeks before I look at moving my alts across, but this could well be the guild I experience Icecrown with.

Well, time to get back to leveling (having done my gem transmutes for the day and finally been rewarded with a new fishing rod from the daily).

You'd think a rogue would be given the dark rod, but nope it's the shiny bright one.  Bah.


Oh, one last thing: Munchies over at The Munch Land blog is giving away a couple of authenticators – if you don’t have one, I'd recommend popping over and expressing your interest in the form of a comment on this post (you have until December 18th).  Go for the giveaway, stay for the priest posts!