Thursday, 8 July 2010

RealID: Other Perspectives

Post soundtrack: “I Think I’m Paranoid” by Garbage

I’ve been following the official RealID thread on the forums, and there seems to be a fairly widely expressed opinion that it’s not ok.  (It’s also up to 1029 pages in almost 9 hours* – I think people are making their opinion known)

The deadly "Implied facepalm" is reserved for the most extreme instances of "What the hell were they thinking?"

A good number of other (much more capable) bloggers have been writing down their thoughts, and they make very interesting reading.

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Also, Kotaku chimes in.  On Reddit people are commenting on the thread Blizzard Has lost.  And enjoy the insights of BlizzardPR on twitter.  And Ctrl+Alt+Del has a comic about it.

I wonder if Blizz was expecting people to object like this?  Actually…  they were, kind of.

We have been planning this change for a very long time. During this time, we have thought ahead about the scope and impact of this change and predicted that many people would no longer wish to post in the forums after this change goes live. We are fine with that, because we want to change these forums dramatically in a positive and more constructive direction. (source)

Jolly good, at least this isn’t unexpected.  I just wonder if they expected the proportion of signal to noise would somehow magically improve after they alienate a large number of players who have no desire to lose their relative anonymity when they post?



* Updated with a few more blogs, added a new post from Big Bear Butt, and the CAD Comic.  Also, the official forum thread is now sitting on 1116 pages, 11 1/2 hours after it started.