Thursday, 8 July 2010

RealID – Tired Of The Complaining Yet?

Post soundtrack: “Mean to Me” by Doris Day

The official forum thread has passed 1500 pages, so the public outcry by players hasn’t died away, at least not quite yet…  (Colour me cynical, this morning – three hours of sleep does not make a happy blogger)  My money’s on the majority of complaints fading by Monday – at least until we get whatever is the next step in the Real ID implementation.  (Seriously, did you think this was the end?  Wow, I love my shiny new tin-foil hat!)

The sentiment needs no further description.

Anyway.  More blogs have chimed in on RealID.

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Some mainstream news sites have also started noticing that WoW players aren’t completely happy. 

Santa Fe Examiner, World of Warcraft Players WoWed by Blizzard’s REALID announcement. 

The BBC, World of Warcraft maker to end anonymous forum logins. 

AP News Service, Bye-bye trolls? Blizzard forums to use real names. 

And there have been some opinion pieces: 

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Unfortunately I don’t think there will be much momentum behind this – people who are going to quit over this will quit, and those who are upset but aren’t willing to take that step, won’t.  But the large number of players who either don’t see the problem or feel that they won’t be affected by the changes will shrug and log on to another alt.  But it’s okay, we have the bread-and-circuses of the Cataclysm beta to distract our attention.  (Look!  Shiny!)

So things will most likely return to normal - at least until something else comes to light, such as a further expansion of Real ID.  The Starcraft 2 forums will be going live before the launch of the game on the 27th, so I guess we’ll have a chance to see how the new system runs before the WoW version goes live.  I for one will be sure to have some popcorn on hand, just in case it proves as… entertaining as I suspect it will.

And people who’re staying might want to bear in mind the metaphor of the boiling frog.